Friday, June 08, 2012

Xbox SmartGlass Released

What if your tablet or phone knew what you were watching on TV and presented bonus features without you having to lift a finger? What if you could use your tablet to draw up a play in EA SPORTS’ “Madden NFL” and then perform it to perfection on your TV? What if you could control your favorite websites on the TV with a simple swipe, pinch or zoom on your tablet’s touchscreen? The Xbox SmartGlass platform enables these experiences on the devices you already own.

  • "Xbox throws down gauntlet to Apple TV (and Wii U) at E3. Apple's going to have to play a little catch-up." — c|net
  • "Xbox SmartGlass is really committed to mastering the multiscreen experience. They took Nintendo’s thunder and put it in a burlap sack and then beat it with a crowbar." — Kevin Pereira, G4TV
  • "What could have been just an Apple AirPlay imitation, is something more ambitious. Something that could change television forever." — Casey Chan, Gizmodo
  • "Look out Nintendo, Microsoft has an answer for the next-generation Wii U console, and it’s called ‘SmartGlass.’" — IanSherr, The Wall Street Journal
  • "This is one of the coolest pieces of technology at E3." — Ashley Esqueda, Yahoo!
  • "And the sheer ubiquity of SmartGlass — that it works for almost any secondary screen you already have and feel comfortable with — is a surprisingly smart move for Microsoft." — Ross Miller, The Verge
  • "Though SmartGlass isn’t a commercially available product (look for it to hit the app stores sometime after this summer), it’s already being hailed as a possible technology to help save Windows Phone." — Kristen Nicole & JohnFurrier, Forbes

Xbox SmartGlass Official Site