Hours and hours on my Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 made me a geeky, ugly duckling outcast in junior high. But with two shrinks for parents, I’m so very well adjusted. To compensate for it all I got myself hired to program my high school’s class scheduling system. If I was going to be a reject, at least I wouldn’t have to wake up for early morning classes.

My parents of course were thrilled I went to Tufts University to get degrees in philosophy and women’s studies—maybe not. Fortunately for their sanity, I convinced Microsoft that starting two publishing companies qualified me to code web sites and figure out online marketing for its flagship Office business. After 10 years of shipping dozens of business software products and web services I left "the mother ship" to see the world.

Dabbling in founding a non-profit, a couple years at a building boutique consulting house, then a year at Nokia growing a new mobile media sharing service gave me a crash course in the joys and pains of start-ups and what a global company really is. Being a glutton for punishment I started another publishing company with my wife in-between remodeling another house, selling my DeLorean, and rehearsing ballets with my daughter (my schizophrenia manifests now as playing prince and dragon).

Recently I returned to MS to bring Xbox to the mobile world on Windows Phone 7 and across platforms with Xbox SmartGlass. I got to lead the 3-year mobile experience vision for Xbox Interactive Entertainment. Mobile + Living Room Entertainment = SWOON! A decades-long passion for me with hacked touch remotes and franken-HTPCs.

My current projects have me helping evolve Windows Services to power the next generation of cloud-connected experiences. And stuff I can't talk about. :-)

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